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ALOE VERA – Do You Know The Most Important Benefits that ALOE VERA Has?

You might have used aloe vera, but, do you know the most important benefits of the magical plant? Aloe vera has gradually become a part of our everyday life, and our body must be thanking us for this. Why? It is because of the endless health benefits of aloe vera. Yes, aloe vera is a plant with great medicinal potential. You might be using aloe vera these days, or are probably thinking of doing the same, but, are you gaining all it has to offer from the natural product? Apart from just doing some magic for your skin and making your digestion better, aloe vera has a lot in store for its users. So, I guess you know a bit about aloe vera, but surprising and magical benefits are waiting in the coming sections. Let us try to see from the beginning of the time and gradually we will move on to some important scientific benefits of aloe vera.

Ancient Chinese and Egyptians used aloe vera to treat burns, wounds, and reduce fever. Approximately 6000 years ago, aloe vera juice was documented by the Egyptians as the blood of the plant “aloe vera” and this blood was believed to be the secret of immortality. This was not all as many great people promoted the use of aloe vera. On such king was Alexander the great. People believe that he was so much after aloe vera that he captured the island Socotra only to acquire the precious aloe vera grooves in that place. Long back in 1944, the Japanese who were exposed to some kind of a bomb applied aloe gel to their wounds and reported faster healing and less scaring. And there are as many stories about aloe vera as are its medicinal properties. It is because of such a strong medicinal past that this plant can be easily trusted. Not only this, ayurveda, the ancient science of healing used this nature’s gift in many of its medicines. This speaks of the healing abilities and health enhancing properties of the herb. But, all this is enough for establishing quite high credibility and trust. Where are the actual benefits of aloe vera? The important benefits of aloe vera that science has also proven are the following:

  • Aloe vera hydrates you body when used externally as well as internally. Aloe vera contains more than 200 active components and it definitely replenishes your body, but how does it hydrate human body? Because of the active components present in the gel, the plant can send moisture to the entire body.
  • Aloe vera is good for skin as well as hair. Aloe vera juice or gel has excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, making your scalp favorable to support beautiful hair. It also acts as a great conditioner when used alone or in combination with lemon and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny for a long duration.
  • One study indicates that the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can help treat irritable bowel syndrome. Such studies as proof also exist about edema, heartburn, and constipation.
  • Aloe vera has immune enhancing properties. This is yet another irreplaceable benefit of aloe vera juice. Some amino acids, polysaccharides, and vitamins like vitamin C and K are known to help raising immunity and all these are present in aloe vera juice. Even when you do not have a particular health issue you should have aloe vera juice regularly to minimize the probability of catching one.
  • Aloe vera improves liver functioning by detoxification of human body. A study conducted in Italy focused on the efficacy of aloe vera in detoxification – stating that it helps flush the toxins out of the body. Aloe vera juice makes it the most amazing cleanser to detoxify your body. It’s not just the beauty industry that’s obsessing over the benefits of aloe vera, the health industry can’t stop raving about it either. Not only it cleanses your stomach, aloe vera juice can act as blood purifier also. In addition to detoxification, aloe vera also exhibits hepato protective properties.
  • Almost all the bone problems can be resolved naturally with aloe vera. The painful problems can be dealt with the help of this amazing pain reliever and anti inflammatory agent available in abundance- Aloe vera juice. Due to the side effects medicines introduce in our body, aloe vera as a pain reliever is becoming more popular among patients going through bad bone health.
  • Aloe vera boosts digestion and is excellent at fighting with heartburn and acidity. According to an Iranian study, aloe vera juice can reduce abdominal pain and flatulence in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Similar proofs exist in ayurveda as well. The juice has laxative properties that can relieve you from indigestion. In case of stomach ulcers also, patients have reported a great relief with the use of aloe vera.Aloe-Vera-Juice
  • The nutritional profile of aloe vera in itself is one of the major benefits of aloe vera. It is the only plant that has plenty to offer for both- your mind as well as body. Aloe vera is full of minerals, enzymes and hormones that regulate your mood swings, anxiety, and stress levels. This plant also contains over seven different antioxidants and reduces inflammation. It is a store house of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folate. Aloe vera also contains substances called polysaccharides, such as acemannan, amino acids, which help in the growth and repair of body tissues, as well as zinc and the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E. Apart from this, our body needs 22 amino acids and some of these are not produced by the body, these can also be supplied through aloe vera.
  • Aloe vera, according to scientists is also found to be helpful in chronic diseases like cancer. If you use aloe vera in the normal health state, you can keep your body safe from cancer. In case you are unluckily diagnosed with cancer, it can help a lot in the treatment. Even after the treatment, the herb can help you overcome the damage done by the radiation therapy.

There is research that speaks loads about the goodness of aloe vera juice and these benefits of aloe vera are based on those research evidences. These evidences are enough for anyone to assess the curing power of the herbal aloe vera juice. It has been used since thousands of years, but then came the era of medicines. People were astonished at the tempting offerings as instant action of the new medicinal science. All of a sudden, pharmaceutical companies took over the world and claimed of making the world healthy. No doubt, medicines are helpful in many chronic health issues. But problem started arising when the health index of common people started deteriorating. Now, we are struggling to raise this deteriorated health state and natural products like ayurveda are a ray of hope. So, apart from these benefits of aloe vera and the long list of diseases it can be used in, we can use it to enhance our health naturally.

If you want to grab the benefits of aloe vera listed above or looking forward to treat any of these ailments while improving your health, you cannot afford to ignore these benefits. Grab aloe vera in any form to get rid of any of these problems or to simply improve your overall health. Also, finding aloe vera was not easy a few decades ago, but today it is readily available in the market in different forms. In India and outside India, it is easily available for everyone, and to your surprise, this plant can sustain in almost every weather condition. So, if you aren’t in a mood to buy aloe vera products, simply grow it in your kitchen garden. You can also order aloe vera online from different websites offering herbs and natural supplements. But, make sure you are getting aloe vera in natural form. If you use aloe vera which is treated with chemicals or have some other constituents, it can ruin the healing properties of the herb.

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