7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely used to treat sunburn and wounds but, do you know that using this single ingredient you can get relief in many problems. Yes, this plant has all the ability to treat almost all problems whether it is your hair, skin, immune system and many more. Studies show that this plant has long history of being used in many medical conditions.  In today’s generation aloe Vera is widely used in many beauty products and it is very effective. It’s grown as a thick, short, steamed plant and store water in its leaves. Aloe vera leaves contains amigo acid, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that amazingly work on your skin. I agree you all know that aloe vera is beneficial plant but, you will be more surprised to know that aloe vera can give you smooth skin, healthy hair and many more. Let us see what are the health benefits of using aloe vera?

Some benefits of using aloe vera leaves/ gel

1. Burns aloe vera for burn

Aloe vera can heal your burns very easily without giving you any pain. Aloe vera has a long history to treat wounds and burns effectively. Study shows that Greek physician discovered that aloe Vera can soothe your burned skin. It’s in the researches that aloe Vera can heal burns much faster than other medicines. Aloe vera has anti-inflammation property that decreases the inflammation on your skin. You can use aloe vera gel which is easily available in the market or if you want you can also use gel extracted directly from the leaves. Just break a leaf and gently apply on your affected area. The soothing property of aloe vera will decrease the sub dermal temperature of the skin and applying this can make you feel better.

aloevera for Psoriasis2. Psoriasis

This is a chronic disease and it can caused by disturbed immune system.  In this condition your immune system sends faulty signals to your skin that makes your cells grow fast. Because of this your skin cells grow old in a day and this condition makes thick, red skin and silvery scale on your elbow, back, face, scalp and knees. This whole procedure called “cell turnover”. There are 5 types of psoriasis but, the most common type is plaque psoriasis and you can identify this disease by red, inflamed patches which usually cover the area of your skin. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties so it can heal many symptoms of this disease. Using aloe vera in this condition can give you relief from itching.

3. Constipationaloe vera for Constipation

Constipation is not a big problem, but if you leave this problem untreated it can convert into complicated situations. You can use aloe vera, this single leaf can give you relief from this problem. Studies show that aloe vera juice is a very strong laxative that can treat constipation very effectively. There are several compounds in aloe vera that can make aloe vera juice laxative including aloin and anthroquinine glycosides. These compounds simulate your intestine for help to break down your food. If you drink little bit of aloe vera juice, it can give you relief from constipation. Although it can give you some side effect like intestinal cramping. Pregnant women should not take this because it can cause miscarriage.

4. Diabetesaloe vera for Diabetes

Every second person is suffering from diabetes whether it is child, adult or an old age people. Study shows that drinking aloe vera juice can decrease the blood sugar levels in people who have type 2diabetes. If you drink aloe vera juice only for 2 months, you can make your glucose level normal. The reason behind its effectiveness in diabetes is the constituents of aloe vera, glycoprotein and polysaccharides, which make your body use glucose more effectively and remove extra glucose from the blood.

5. Bruisesaloe vera for Bruises

You normally uses arnica to treat your bruises. This is very common medicine to heal bruise but, you will be surprised to know that aloe vera can also treat bruise. According to researches aloe vera can heal bruises almost 40-50% faster than any other medicines. To heal it fast aloe Vera repairs the broken blood vessels. Use of this ingredient can give you relief from that pain. Gently apply aloe vera gel on your affected area twice in a day for fast improvement.

6. Hairaloe vera for Hair

Not so surprisingly aloe vera can makes your hair healthy by balancing your hair’s PH. The correct PH for hair is 4.5 to 5.5 and if you don’t have this balance in your hair, it can cause dry scalp, an itchy scalp, hair fall problem and dandruff. To manage your hair’s PH balance you can use aloe vera juice or leaf. After applying your regular shampoo use aloe vera juice and rinse off, it will make your hair more healthy and shiny.

7. Immune systemaloevera for immune system

Aloe vera is very popular ingredient to strengthen your immune system. This is highly rich in vitamins like zinc, vitamin C and E which is boost your immune system. Aloe vera has a compound named mannon which is antiviral in nature and hence aloe vera can be used for many purposes. Everyone has aloe vera at home but they only use it to treat sunburns and in normal burns. I think this article can help them use aloe vera for treating more than a few problems.

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